With the development and production of secondary raw materials, natural resource reserves are spared.


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Responsible management of the environment

Metal recycling: easier and more environmentally friendly than mining

With the development and promotion of the availability of secondary raw materials, the Metallum Group contributes to the sparing of natural resource reserves. Through preventive measures environmental damage is limited as much as possible. Relevant statutory regulations and any administrative directives are complied with.

Environmental awareness among all employees

The environmental awareness and skills of the staff are encouraged through training. Important processes are bindingly laid down in a manual, thus ensuring consistent and optimal mastery. Any pollutants occurring are disposed of properly. The internal environmental organisation is periodically reviewed and evaluated by management to ensure it fulfils, properly implements and maintains the standards and requirements. The environmental protection systems are certified by an independent body. This confirms that they meet the globally recognised ISO 14001 standard, are appropriate and are being implemented in practice.

Environmentally sound storage and transport

With impermeable soils, covered warehouses and the constant use of sprinklers to reduce dust emissions, the locations of the Metallum Group are optimised according to legal requirements.