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With the recycling of scrap and waste, the Metallum Group makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Raw Materials

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Raw materials:
essential for industrial society

Essential for industrial society

With the increasing world population and the growing industrialisation of emerging economies, ever greater demand for raw materials is developing, while at the same time exploitation and production are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. A shortage of raw materials is already noticeable.

Primary raw materials

Ores are the primary raw material for metals and are mined in open pit or underground mines. Extraction and processing are very expensive and sometimes associated with serious consequences for the environment and people.

Secondary raw materials: scrap metal is valuable

Metals from production waste or from products that have reached the end of their life cycles are today regarded as valuable commodities. The Metallum Group has expertise and technology worldwide to gather these metal-bearing secondary raw materials and process them in a way that they can be fully reutilised.