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Providing resources, metal recycling and logistics.

en / Providing resources, metal recycling and logistics.

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For more than 60 years.

The Metallum Group offers comprehensive solutions.

Trade, recycling, logistics - the Metallum Group companies operate in these three main areas that ideally complement each other. The Group's strength lies in the combination and pooling of core competencies of each particular company. This ensures a strong position in the market. Additionally, the autonomy of the group companies guarantees the necessary flexibility.

The Metallum Group is active in the international trade in the areas of primary and secondary metals and their residues, in the processing of metal, iron and electronic scrap and the provision of comprehensive recycling services.

The Metallum Group operates globally with approximately 20 subsidiaries. The material is sold nationally and internationally through trading companies to resellers, foundries and smelters. Annually, about 600,000 tonnes of material is handled, with shipments to the Far East, especially China and India, increasing steadily in recent years.

Collecting, analysing, separating, processing

A wide variety of waste material containing metal is collected, analysed, separated and processed. The concept of the Metallum Group is based on long experience, efficient technology, modern analytical tools and customer-orientated logistics. The Metallum Group is active worldwide in the secondary and primary metals markets.

Metals are among the most scarce commodities. No matter how large the deposits are, reserves in the earth’s crust will be exhausted in the long run. Modern society strives for technological progress. The quantity of primary raw materials cannot keep up with increasing demand. Waste and scrap are the new resources, and subsequently recycling as the raw materials production of the future gains in importance.