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4 axle hooklift

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Transport containers

4 axle hooklift

Width Height Load Special features
Large capacity skip
For loose bulk materials, scrap metal, swarf, municipal collection scrap, metal, etc.
36 m³
670 cm
235 cm 250 cm 16 t  
24 m³
700 cm
235 cm 150 cm 16 t Bulky goods
Intercity bridge
For transportation of pallets, boxes, barrels or bulk material. (tippable)
Tarpaulin bridge 17 t Rolling cover
Open bridge 17 t Top loadable
Tail lift 17 t Rolling cover
Crane skip
For loading of bulk materials with clamshell or boxes with a crane.
30 m³
  14 t kippbar
Maximum lifting capacity to 4 m 4 t  
Maximum lifting capacity to 12 m 1 t  

Except with tail lift these vehicles can also be combined with a trailer. See Transport containers Welaki.

Total gross weight: 34 t