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Efficient solutions for all waste problems

Where metal is processed, waste is created that must be disposed of. The more diversified the waste products and the larger the volumes, the more complex the logistical problems, efforts and costs become.

The waste takes up precious space and in most cases also represents idle capital. Speedy recycling is therefore more important than ever.

METALLUM Metal Trading AG has developed a transportation infrastructure that makes it possible to solve all waste problems - regardless of size - in the most efficient manner. And a well developed team of professionals uses its experience to ensure perfect transport logistics:

  • Clarification of customer needs
  • Selection and timely provision of ideal containers or transport type
  • Scheduling and spatial planning of transportation operations
  • Replacement of the filled containers (scheduled and on demand) with the appropriate vehicle
  • Quick settlement
  • Own collection service throughout Switzerland
  • Own collection point organisation
  • Railroad siding
  • Large empty container park
  • Special containers for critical materials
  • Trained hazardous goods drivers