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Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd - identity theft - warning

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Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd - identity theft - warning

17. October 2011

Through the following sites :

unknown persons are offering material for sale purportedly in the name of Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd. These sites/persons are not connected in any way with Concorde Metals Recycling Limited. The use of our corporate identity is an attempt to commit fraudulent acts which appear to comprise obtaining money for non-existent materials which are misrepresented as being supplied by us.

Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd does not trade through any of these sites.

Please note that Mr Cornelis Steenbergen, Director of Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd, does not participate in the daily commercial transactions of the company. As a customer you should contact Concorde Metals Recycling Ltd only through the officially published phone numbers or email addresses:

London Warehouse : Tel. 0208 320 3660 / e-mail :
West Bromwich Warehouse : Tel. 0121 525 4333 / e-mail :
Coatbridge Warehouse : Tel. 01236 449844 / e-mail :

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